THE COMMISSIONERS COURT OF BRAZOS COUNTY WILL MEET IN REGULAR  SESSION ON September 13, 2022 AT 10:00 AM IN THE Commissioner's Courtroom of the County Administration Building, 200 South Texas Ave., Suite 106, Bryan, TX 77803
This meeting will be conducted by video conference with at least a quorum of commissioners court members participating in person at the county administration building in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 551.127 of the Texas Government Code. THE PUBLIC MAY WATCH THE MEETING LIVE AT FACEBOOK.COM/BRAZOSCOUNTYTX

1.Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
  • U.S. and Texas Flag – Commissioner Cauley
2.Call for Citizen input and/or concerns
Consider and take action on agenda items:  3 - 20

Discussion of the Proposed Tax Rate.

4.Resolution 22-019 levying a tax rate for Brazos County for Tax Year 2022.
5.Ratification of the property tax increase due to the adoption of a budget that will require more revenue from property taxes than in the previous year.

Approval of Order dividing Election Precinct 54 and combining with Election Precinct 59 due to Bryan ISD redistricting.

7.Consider and discuss the MSC as a possible early polling location beginning with the 2023 elections.

Approval of the following Job Description:

  • a.  Manager (Landscaping) 2080 hours (Class Code B0750)
9.Authorization for the County Judge to sign the Consent to Transfer.
10.Approval of the Chapter 381 Economic Development Agreement with Lawson Properties V, LLC. 
11.Approval of the Interlocal Agreement with the Regional Mobility Authority for Fiscal and Personnel Management. 
12.Approval requested from Constable Pct. 3 to apply for the Bullet-Resistant Shield Grant.

Approval requested from the Sheriff's Office to accept the TXDOT, FY 23, Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) Grant.

14.Approval requested from the Sheriff's Office to apply for the Bullet-Resistant Shield Grant Program, FY2023, from the Office of the Governor, Public Safety Office.

Requesting approval for the following contracts - SAVNS:

  • a. Service Agreement Contract C-00020 with Appriss - FY 2023 SAVNS Grant Contract
  • b. Contract 20222344900-319-01 for FY 2023 - Participating Entity Services
    Agreement For The Statewide Automated Victim Notification Service (Savns)
16.Approval of Amendment #1/Renewal to 23-056R Road Signs and Sign Posts for Brazos County with Vulcan Signs.
17.Tax Refund Applications for the following:

Tax Refund Applications for the following:

  • a.  Micah J & Heather K Green - $50.00
18.Budget Amendments.
  • Budget Amendments FY 21/22  47.01 - 47.02
19.Personnel Change of Status.
  • a. Personnel Action Forms
  • b. Employment & Separations
20.Payment of Claims.
21.Acknowledgement of the Quarterly Investment Report for Q/E 6/30/22.
22.Acknowledgement of the Brazos County Emergency Services District No. 3 Agreed-Upon Procedures for the Year ended September 30, 2021.
23.Acknowledgement of FY 2021-2022 Budget to Actuals by Fund as of September 7, 2022.

Juvenile director’s report on detention population.


Sheriff’s report on inmate population.

26.Announcement of interest items and possible future agenda topics.
27.Call for Citizen input and/or concerns


Public Comment during the Commission Meeting may be for all matters, both on and off the agenda, and be limited to four minutes per person. Persons are invited to submit comments in writing on the agenda items and/or attend and make comment at the Commission meeting. Members of the public are reminded that the Brazos County Commissioners Court is a Constitutional Court, with both judicial and legislative powers, created under Article V, Section 1 and Section 18 of the Texas Constitution. As a Constitutional Court, the Brazos County Commissioners Court also possesses the power to issue a Contempt of Court Citation under Section 81.024 of the Texas Local Government Code. Accordingly, members of the public in attendance at any Regular, Special and/or Emergency meeting of the Court shall conduct themselves with proper respect and decorum in speaking to, and/or addressing the Court; in participating in public discussions before the Court; and in all actions in the presence of the Court. Those members of the public who are inappropriately attired and/or who do not conduct themselves in an orderly and appropriate manner will be ordered to leave the meeting. Refusal to abide by the Court's Order and/or continued disruption of the meeting may result in a Contempt of Court Citation.

It is not the intention of the Brazos County Commissioners Court to provide a public forum for the demeaning of any individual or group. Neither is it the intention of the Court to allow a member (or members) of the public to insult the honesty and/or integrity of the Court, as a body, or any member or members of the Court, or County employees, individually or collectively. Accordingly, profane, insulting or threatening language directed toward the Court and/or any person in the Court's presence and/or racial, ethnic or gender slurs or epithets will not be tolerated. Violation of these rules may result in the following sanctions:

1. cancellation of a speaker's time;
2. removal from the Commissioners Court;
3. a Contempt Citation; and/or
4. such other and/or criminal sanctions as may be authorized
under the Constitution, Statutes and Codes of the State of Texas.

The County Commissioners Court can deliberate or take action only if a matter has been listed on an agenda properly posted prior to the meeting. During the public comment period, speakers may address matters not listed on the published agenda. The Open Meeting Law does not expressly prohibit responses to public comments by the Commissioners Court. However, responses from the County Judge or Commissioners to unlisted public comment topics could become deliberation on a matter without notice to the public. To ensure the public has notice of all matters the Commissioners Court will consider, the County Judge and/or Commissioners may choose not to respond to public comments, except to correct factual inaccuracies, recite existing policy in response to an inquiry or to ask that a matter be listed on a future agenda. See Texas Open Meetings Act Section 551.042.


Any invocation that may be offered before the official start of the Court meeting shall be to and for the benefit of the Court. The views or beliefs expressed by the invocation speaker have not been previously reviewed or approved by the Court and do not necessarily represent the religious beliefs or views of the Court in part or as a whole. No member of the community is required to attend or participate in the invocation and such decision will have no impact on their right to actively participate in the business of the Court.
The Commissioner's Courtroom of the County Administration Building, 200 South Texas Ave., Suite 106, Bryan, TX 77803 is wheelchair accessible. Handicap parking spaces are available. Any request for sign interpretive services must be made two working days before the meeting. To make arrangements, please call (979) 361-4102.